My mother language is Finnish. I translated this site also English even I don’t know whether somebody is interested in to have my services outside Finland. But I know that there are some foreign people living in Finland so it’s easier to them found a photographer.

Photos itself are international so whoever can read them. If site is only in Finnish that might lack of results when searching something in English region.

And this helps me to maintain and improve my English skills. I have a blog here but I still haven’t translated any post in English. I hope that day will be soon that you can read some of my articles in English. Please feel free to send feedback if grammar or language is poor and you don't understand something in the site.

Before I did mainly wedding photography but I think it's time to try other areas. I decided to combine my previous wedding photography site together with the main site. I still have wedding photography on its own menu because of I think that many people still know me as wedding photographer. I didn't put big market efforts outside the wedding business but it's interesting to see what will happen now.